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Therapy Tonics and Provisions - Latte/Coffee/Tea

Therapy Tonics and Provisions - Latte/Coffee/Tea

Coconut Matcha Tea (Sativa), 25mg--Our vegan Coconut Matcha Cannabis Tea starts with an patiently prepared ceremonial grade Organic Matcha grown in Miyazaki prefecture located on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. This special tea, once reserved for the shogun and nobility, became more widely accessible to the general population in the mid 1700’s and the care and tradition of its production has not changed much since that time.Once steeped to perfection, we add the coconut milk and xylitol in a carefully orchestrated process resulting in an amazing balance rich with sweet creamy sativa undertones and an earthy green-tea finish.


Vanilla Caramel Coffee (Sativa), 25mg--Vanilla Caramel Coffee, our flagship product, was developed as a tribute to the long-standing love affair people across the globe share with coffee. Undoubtedly helping more than one of us through painful all night study sessions, coffee proves a necessary part of millions of people’s morning ritual and is the perfect complement to quality time with friends as well as conversation with complete strangers.We took that and added the energizing power of caramel, perfectly paired with the calming effect of vanilla. The result is a deliciously sweet and aromatic cannabis coffee drink that's infused with cannabis sativa and percolating with the flavor of freshly roasted Arabica beans.


Mexican Mocha Milk (Sativa), 25mg--

Our Mexican Mocha Cannabis Milk is built on an ancient tradition that finds its origins in pre-columbian times, with roots in Aztec, Inca and Mayan cultures. “Chocolate was not eaten, it was drunk until well after the Spanish arrived,” says chocolate expert Clay Gordon, author of Discover Chocolate. Evidence suggests that the cacao tree was cultivated by those early cultures, and that ground cacao beans were mixed into a chocolate drink. Its bitter flavor was masked by native herbs and spices until the addition of sugar, which was introduced by the Europeans

We use our proprietary organic spice blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Cayenne Pepper in combination with that Peruvian Chocolate we referenced previously. And, out of respect for both health and history, we don’t use traditional sugar. Xylitol is a naturally-derived sugar that is low-calorie, has a low glycolic index, and kills the bacteria in your mouth that causes tooth decay as well as other systemic diseases. All this is steeped and brewed together to create a chocolate -based drink that you have to taste to believe!


Indian Spiced chai latte (Sativa), 25mg--Our Indian Spiced Chai Cannabis Latte is developed by using our all organic, exotic mix of spices inspired by a traditional Indian Chai tea recipe. That recipe was brought from the mainland to the Maldives by early settlers and still a nightly ritual of the Bangladeshi and Indian resort workers today.These ingredients are steeped and mulled together in a eight step process, ensuring a consistent, great tasting cannabis latte beverage. We have made every effort to capture the essence of this traditional favorite and have effectively blended the flavors and medicinal power of cannabis sativa into this amazingly delectable treat.


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