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Plug Play 1 Gram Vap Cartridges - 7 Strains

Plug Play 1 Gram Vap Cartridges - 7 Strains

Plug and Play is pleased to connect you with their PLUG DNA: Fire OG cartridge. A few puffs of this Plug cannabis extraction delivers a pine and citrus flavor profile and calming effects. PLUG DNA: Fire OG is an Indica, and provides soothing relief with every drag. 


The Hemperor is here! Plug Play introduces their newest addition to the PLUG DNA family: Jack Herer. This spicy yet sweet sativa-dominant strain is sure to keep you happy and uplifted all year round.


To experience cannabis-derived terpenes and cannabinoids at their finest, connect with a DNA Plug. Plug and Play debuts its King Louie Xlll in the DNA line. Experience the spicy terpene profile of the original cultivar as pine, and sour aromatics fill the air with every exhale. King Louis XIII cannabinoids deliver muscle relaxation and ease tension as your consciousness lulls and wanders to sleep.


Set sail for a tropical paradise! With Plug and Play’s PLUG DNA: Pineapple Express euphoria and vaping are synonymous. PLUG DNA: Pineapple Express has a sweet and fruity flavor profile with effects that wash over users with calming relaxation and positivity.  


This floral and pungent cartridge packs a potent punch against sleepiness and low mood. Plug and Play is pleased to offer their PLUG DNA: Train Wreck cartridge, a Sativa that delivers a jolt of energy and boost of happiness.


Connect to your wild side with this addition to the Plug and Play Exotic line. Plug and Play's Grape Ape Soda Plug is a convenient cartridge that magnetically applies to the Play vape pen. Experience the delicious grape flavors of this pure, distillate oil. A few puffs of this Plug sends vibrant notes of grape soda that flows alongside a balance of cerebral and euphoric effects.


The summer never ends with PLUG EXOTICS: Pineapple Cooler. This Plug and Play cartridge has a wondrous flavor profile, this PLUG EXOTICS cartridge is a tropical medley of refreshing pineapple, and invigorating orange citrus. 



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