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Papa & Barkley Releaf™ Soak 1:3

Papa & Barkley Releaf™ Soak 1:3

This soak brings the power of P&B’s topical products into the relaxing atmosphere of a warm bath. Made with sea salts imported from Israel, the soak allows patients to relax their whole bodies with an all-encompassing, therapeutic wash infused with our 1:3 CBD:THC “Right Ratio.”

Formulations available:

  • 1:3 CBD:THC

Relaxing, end-of-day relief. Infused with premium whole plant cannabis flower resin. Dead Sea salts provide relaxing effect with 67mg of cannabinoid content.

Additional info: Approximately 13.55mg CBD – Approximately 41.65mg THC per 50g container. 50g

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