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Green Helix Menstrual Relief CBD Capsules 1500mg

Green Helix Menstrual Relief CBD Capsules 1500mg

GREEN HELIX, Menstrual Relief Formula CBD Capsules. 

For Menstrual Discomfort and Mental Clarity. Best for individuals suffering from the physical and/or mental effects of their menstrual cycle. Our all natural, proprietary infusion formula is designed to work quickly and effectively to offer soothing relief from these symptoms


“CBD aids and empowers nervous system response for menstrual relief”  There isn’t a lot of credible information published to support that CBD does have a direct benefit for menstruation pains - however, there is significant research out there to support that CBD does the follow: ● Regulates inflammatory responses ● Regulates muscles spasming and nervous system response ● Aids in Balancing hormonal releases into the body ● Restores emotional balance for handling anxiety and stress  All of these are imperative for menstrual relief - and as future studies get released we will be able to back this up with concrete scientific claims.  Think of a period cramp/contraction as a muscle spasm - similar to when you flex a muscle. CBD does not hinder this process, but rather aids in cellular restoration and calms the intensity of the spasm through regulating nervous system responses. 


Ingredients CBD Isolate - aids and empowers nervous system response for menstrual relief.  
 Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate) ( ​reduces the fluid retention that causes bloating and cramps.  
 Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin - ​Regulates hormone levels, and symptoms of PMS caused by hormone imbalance that occurs during menstruation.  
Magnesium Chloride - used in 325 enzyme reactions within the human body; aids in the 
production of hydrochloric acid which improves digestion and absorption of vitamins/minerals and lowers risk of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. Also reduces mild premenstrual symptoms of fluid retention. 



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