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Marley Natural Vape Cartridge: Various Strains - 500mg

Marley Natural Vape Cartridge: Various Strains - 500mg

Marley Black is perfect for winding down or bringing the day to a close, offering a full-body, soothing experience. We suggest Marley Black for seasoned smokers seeking potent physical effects that are partially sedative. Marley Black offers a smooth smoke with effects that could prove therapeutic for stress or insomnia. 


Go for gold with Marley Natural’s Marley Gold ™ products. Marley Gold ™ gives energizing and uplifiting experiences. Marley Gold ™ offers the same creative and talkative effects in every sesh, laving users feeling mindfully focused and wanting to socialize. 


Marley Natural is pleased to offer their wonderfully balanced Marley Green™ Hybrid line. These products have been bred to deliver the physical relaxation of Indica strain with the cerebral effects of a Sativa. Marley Green ™ is a great starter strain for those who are new to Marley Natural, presenting the best of both worlds in their high-quality products.

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